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[Image: Fragment of the Gough Map]

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Full record: Beaumaris

County Anglesey
Transcript b[e]...
Icon description two castles
  • castles (multiple)
Etymology AN beau, 'fair' + marais, 'marsh'
Earlier editors beaumorres (OS 1935); beaumorres; Beaumaris is wrongly sited in the north of Anglesey (Parsons)
Early Maps bewmaris (Angliae Figura)
Overwritten yes (?)
Attested spelling Beaumaris 1296; the castle and town of Beaumaris were built in 1294 as an English royal stronghold on the open marshland beside the Menai Strait; before Beaumaris was established, the name of the location was Cerrig y Gwyddyl (Owen and Morgan, 2007)