[Image: Fragment of the Gough Map]
[Image: Fragment of the Gough Map]

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Full record: Plynlimon

County Carmarthenshire
Transcript plimile...
Icon description lake (a circle with wavy lines)
  • lake
Description red ink, within a cartouche on white background
  • red ink
  • written within a cartouche
Etymology pump/pum/pym, 'five' + llumon, 'stack, chimney, beacon'
Earlier editors plumle.../plimilemon (OS 1935); Plimilemon, t. the south-east of Plynlimon is the drawing of a range of mountains, scarcely visible, omitted from the OS 1935 reproduction (Parsons)
Early Maps plu(n)loth (Totius Britanniae; circle with wavy lines on blue background)
Overwritten no
Attested spelling Plimlvmon 1476; earlier forms include the first element in the form Pum-/Pimp-/Pym-; the name of a group of peaks north of Eisteddfa Gurig